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    Default Hourglass popping up

    Hello. I've just signed up - and hoping to get some assistance with this problem I've been having for the last couple of weeks. My hourglass keeps popping up every few seconds. I have windows xp. My computer is a Pentium III. And that's about as computer literate insofar as that goes..Hah.
    I've gone into msconfig/startup and unchecked what I thought needed to be unchecked. It seemed to work - the hourglass didn't pop up for a little while...but now it's back.
    I've got Panda Titanium anti-virus, ad-aware and I've just downloaded spy-bot. I've done the ctrl/alt/delete to see what processes are running and nothing really shows up there - the System Idle Process is up at like 98...but I don't really see anything and I'm kinda nervous about ending processes on my list...
    So - that's about it in a nutshell. A person I've been corresponding with said it might be cleaning itself out somehow?????....The hourglass is driving me batty... 8O
    Any kind of assistance would be great! - and I would so appreciate it.
    Hoping you're having a Great Monday!
    Thanks again.

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    Hi Chesh, welcome to Help2go. There is obviously something running that's causing this. Go to this site . Here it gives you a list of startup programs. While you have this open, go to Start>run> type in 'services.msc' (without the ' '). Go through the list of services and compare to the web page of startup items. If you come across any that you feel need not be active all the time, double click on the entry and the drop down will give you a choice of Automatic, Manual or disabled .. if unsure choose Manual. You can also go to Black Viper's web page and read about shutting down unneeded windows programs, suggest you select the Safe column. See here , in fact it may help you a bit in understanding the process if you did go to Black Viper first.

    Suggest you make a restore point before you do any changes.

    Hope this helps, please get back and let us know if you need further help.