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    Default computer problems

    my computer has been turning off by itself what should I do?

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    Hallo Scott - Would you please give a few more details. When does this happen? Is it the same actions that cause the shutdown? Does it maybe occur after its been on some time? Does it turn off completely(no power)?
    Anything that might be relevant. Regards.
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    Hi Scottjames0

    Like galena says we need more information but, in the meantime, some thoughts on overheating (it might be the problem).

    I think either CPU is getting to hot and doing a thermal shutdown or you have a fan that is stalling and going to 0 RPM's and that is causing a shutdown. The 0 RPM issue is often hard to find. Check all your fans and see if stopping them causes the machines to shutdown.

    Check particularly the fan on top of the processor chip. If a processor is overheating the computer will shut down to avoid damaging itself.

    To fix try opening up and dust out then make sure the CPU fan (and all other fans) are spinning nicely.

    Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on and what you find out.

    Best of luck.

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    You could have the sasser worm or another Virus. Do a scan with an update virus scanner.
    Also run an spyware scanner such as Adaware or Spybot.
    Apart from some physical problems such as overheating check the following.
    If you are on Dialup check the modem settings. There is one that disconnects after a pre set idle time.
    Also check your email client. Some can be set to automatically check for email and shut down the system once the check has completed.
    Other causes for dialup is having Call Waiting enabled on your phone. Any call will disconnect you from the net.
    Also check all you modem and telephone connections. Cables can become faulty.
    Another common problem is having too many devices on the one telephone line. Even with DSL connecting more than 3 phones or a combination of phones and faxes can cause a line to drop a net connection. Using too long a Phone extension cord can also decrease the quality of a connection.
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