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    Default internet turns on and off, can't find the problem, help!

    this is a repost, but I'm putting more information because I still haven't solved anything and I'd really love some help.

    Alright, on my computer I'm having problems with my internet. It will work one minute, off the next, and then work again . I've contacted my ISP, and they tell me they get a strong and constant signal from my modem (cable internet). I had it wired to a router, and then to a wireless network, but I disconnected all that and ran the modem straight into my copmuter, and still the same problem. I've run adaware, spybot and AVG virus scan. I can't use Pandascan because my computer won't connect long enough at one time to do so. I've also run CWShredder, it was clean. Anyone have any ideas what can be causing this? It's like someone has a little switch and they're turning my internet on and off. Now, when the thing finally gives up connecting, like after it brings up my little error message that "host cannot be found" and I click ok, then get a little burst of connectivity, fast internet, until it tapers off again, and I get that message, and the cycle starts again. I'm using Mozilla to browse. Thanks in advance

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    Have you posted a highjackthis log? If not, follow the instructions and post to this thread. .