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    I have a Gateway 2000 W/ Win95. My computer is pretty old. I think about 7 years. :roll:

    I have a computer that I had bought of a friend, but it use to be his cousin's. Who is no where to be found currently so I can't ask him for help or old software.
    It is pretty old so, it started acting crazy so, I unistalled and reinstalled windows95.
    Now the picture is crappy and I can't fix it through display in control panel, nor is there any sound eventhough all of the boxes are checked in multimedia in accessories.

    There's no little speaker down in the right bottom corner of the screen,
    and when I am on the internet, if I try to read any text of look at any picture there are all these little blue dots that make it difficult to see or read whatever is on the screen.
    In aol there is a message that says that there's only 4bits being projected instead of 16bits.

    I do know that there is a Diamond Multimedia Monster Sound, soundcard in the computer. I do not have the original software so, I have no clue where to begin with trying to get that thing to work. I'm wondering if I may have a graphic card in my computer, but I'm not sure where to look in my tower for it and if I do locate it how can I get the proper downloads for both. (sound card and graphic card)

    Please help if you can. :?


    lilystar :?

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    go to and download Belarc Advisor. When you run it, it will tell you what hardware and software you have. Look for graphics info (yes you have one, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see anything on your monitor) and also Audio card . go to the manufacturers site and download the drivers for these cards and install. If you have problems, copy and paste the graphics and audio card lines here and we can see if we can help. Don't hold your breath though as 7 computer years is 49 human years :wink: pretty old in pc time and drivers may be hard to find.

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    Once you have run Belarc, you can search for any drivers you may need at But as Canuck said, support for Windows 95 is hard to come by, but I'm pretty sure there are some 95 drivers there. the web site will help you find them. If you can't find a 95 driver, try a 98 one- it might work. Charlie