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    I had a power cut or surge last night and now I can not get any power from my computer. The fan does not turn on the power supply. Am I safe in asumming that only the power supply needs changing, or will this incedent have damaged my mobo aswell? Any advice on installing a new powersupply or motherbourd would be greatly appriciated.
    I have a pent 4. Can I take this off the old mobo and use on the new mobo and if so . How do I go about taking it off. Thanks

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    Hi biggles
    Do you have any power lights to show the computer is getting power from mains supply if no, and you have a surge protector?

    Do you have a surge protector, that you plug your PC in-to before power goes to wall socket, if so the surge protector may have gone, if you have a surge protector, has it a light on to show it is working, you can try plug in yor PC directly in-to wall socket

    Also if no power getting to PC check the fuse in the plug, yes it sounds silly but try it.

    IF you are sure power is getting to PC, it is difficult to say if it is just the power supply, you could replace it, but then it could be more ? the power supply is not that hard to replace, and are not that expensive BUT BE CAREFUL,it may well be worth your while getting it checked by a tech, as no telling for sure what damage has been done

    My personal opinion[ if you think it was a power surge] would be get it checked out by a Tech, [if you feel unsafe GET a Tech]
    Regards Stoney