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    Default Windows XP Boot Disk Problems

    Okay, so I have formatted the hard drive of my computer and I am trying to put Windows XP Professional. I have created the six boot disks I need from the microsoft web site, but when I put the first disk in and start the computer all it displays in the upper left corner is "Disk I/O Error" and does nothing. What should I do? Thanks!

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    First, the boot disks are unnecessary if you can boot your computer from the cd drive. You need to get into your computer BIOS to set the cd drive as your first boot device. Most computers do this by tapping delete during the start up process. Compaq Presario may be different. Try tapping F1 during the start up. that should take you to your BIOS screen. Again computers are different, but look for something that has to do with boot. It may be across the top of your screen. Use the cursor keys to navigate to it and hit enter. Set your cd rom as first boot device, save and exit (F10,Y, enter). Put the xp cd in drive and boot.If you should need to use the floppies, then set the floppy(removable) as your first boot device.