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    Default my pogo games wont load

    everytime i click a game it will sit their forever and not load i dont know how to fix it plz help

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    Default Try all this!


    Try all this gangstaboy1703.

    Please make sure you have done the following as a part of making sure your computer is in good running order.

    Please make sure your Windows and hardware drivers are all up to date in order to avoid problems running any application on your computer.Run your Windows Update and check with your hardware manufacturer's website for updates to your hardware drivers.

    Internet Explorer and DirectX are very important to keep up to date. Please download the newest versions from Microsoft.

    Check as well that you have the latest flash plugins required for some games.

    have you tweaked your computer in any way? Also, what about editing doomconfig.cfg....if you enter invalid could cause the game to crash, or not run properly. Perhaps you need to update your video card drivers...

    Update your video card drivers to the latest version.
    You are just supposed to update the drivers, which you can download for free from

    Uninstall SP2, if you have it. If that doesn't work, try unpacking that pk4's into your base folder. It should take anywere from 3.0gb to 5.0gb of HD space. Then install the latest drivers for your video card, do a virus scan, and hopefully that will do it. If it doesn't

    I brainstormed a few ideas together.

    Go into my computer/advanced/settings/advanced/virtual memory/change/ initial size 512 max size 1024.

    Change win xp’s video settings to 32 bit 800x600.

    Turn off unnecessary tasks in the task manager ctrl-alt-del. Be careful what you turn off.

    Allow applications to control your video card.

    Set doom 3 video settings to 800x600 medium quality.

    Clean your cd rom lense.

    Clean your Doom 3 cd's

    Defrag your hard drive.

    Run disk cleanup.

    Run a virus scan on your hard drive.

    Run a spyware scanner on your hard drive.

    Run a registry checker.

    Learn how to use and report parasites with cwshredder and hijack this.

    Update video drivers.

    Learn how to lock your host files.

    Download the patch. I don't think it will make a difference. I'm not patched and the game runs fine.

    Reformat your hard drive as a last resort.

    The problem is some of the pak files are corrupt from installation, moreso - you probably cannot just recopy copy the same pak files from the disc on the same cd rom drive becuase the cd-rom is the problem. Some cd-roms don't like these disc's, and yes they are the originals. I tried reinstalling about 5 times before I realized this.

    I have a USB 2.0 cd drive, but regardless I am sure this is your problem even if it's different.

    So here's how you test your pak files.

    Go into your C:\Program Files\Doom 3\base folder and use winrar to try and unpack them. Don't impack them, just try to. Most of the pack files should open, ready to be extracted, however one or more will open with an error message. If you get any error messages on the pak files you are trying to open, they need to be replaced direct from the cd on an ALTERNATE cdrom drive.

    After you have replaced the corrupt pak files, test them again before you load just to make sure you don't receive any error message and your ready to go.

    For those of you who are having this problem, even though the menu loads up, I am betting you don't see Mars moving in the backround, but only see the Doom logo and menu bars at the bottom. This is a symptom of corrupt pak files.

    If it dumps you back to the menu - run the console (ALT+CTRL+~) it will display an error message on the file it cant open or whatever.
    I has a corrupt '' or something like that.
    just re-copied that file from the pack on cd into the map directory.

    I hope this helps you. Please reply and tell me if its fixed!
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    Hi gangstaboy1703

    the most common reason for games not working on pogo is java.

    pogo does not like Microsoft java but works perfect with Sun java.

    If you already have sun java then it may be corrupt, if not then you need it.

    Download the latest sun java and let us know...


    Hi Velocity

    What's all this about "Clean your Doom 3 cd's "

    Pogo is an on-line gaming site, or am I missing something here ?

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    Default pogo games, Java, and SP2

    Have reloaded Java VM, plus plug-ins, done virus scan, and spyware scan, diarmed pop up blockers still couldn't download one Pogo games Word Whomp which has popups as part of game. Have done almost everything even uninstalled SP2, except reformat harddrive. No problem before, just now.

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    Really should start your own topic on this.

    Turn off the pop up stopper when playing this game.

    Locking this topic as it is old.