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    Default computer keeps shutting down

    thank for help,
    my computer keeps shutting down and then the scandisk comes on . i reformatted my hard drive, put a new hard drive in and then i put a new power supply in. i un pluged the cdrw, cd rom and floppy at different times and it still does it. with the new and old hard drive i loaded windows me when it is almost down it says it will restart it does and then when it is trying to finish is when it will just turn off and restart and then go to scan disk it will do this over and over again. i just dont know what else to do. i just recieved this computer from a friend and am trying to fix it for my son for school he is 12. i would love to fix it for him. thank you for your help.

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    I guess the first question would be, are the hard drives that you've tried compatable with the IBM? IBM and others like Compaq and HP use propriatry hardware (usually available from only them). Check out the IBM site for exact replacement models.