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    Default my msn email is messed up...

    hello an thanks to any1 who helps.i have 2 email services'msn and netzero,my netzero works fine,but over the last month or so,when i open my msn emails,sometimes theres a red x an i cannot see the pictures an sometimes i can see the pictures,an all the time,whever i forward emails with pictures(jpg for instance),when the forward page comes up before i send it,the attachment is always in txt if i send it,there is nothin there.i have scanned for virus' an trojans an even though i did have some it seems clean now,an everything is still screwed up.the only firewall i have is the 1 that comes with the windows service when i turned it off,still screwed up.i havent set any filters or anything,so im lost an tried everything i know to try,please give me some more clues/advice,thanks

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    What do you use as your email client. it sounds like Outlook. SP2 alters many default settings and one is viewing email in HTML format.
    Check the settings
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