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    Default Best Manufactured Computer?

    What is the best manufactured personal computer for internet usage. (The best internet software package, best spyware/virus protection) and WHY? I am interested in a PC, possibly laptop, that will have a highspeed DSL. But, what is best... Dell, IBM, Compaq?? Thanks!

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    Hi jazz4diva,

    What a loaded question. You'll probably get a different opinion from everyone. The most important question is the bottom line, how much are you willing to spend? You can get some slick deals on off the shelf pc's or spend a few more $ and go for better quality and service.

    As far as Laptops, you've just managed to pick the ones I would not recommend. This is because of their use of propriety hardware (the hardware is set up by IBM, Compaq,HP and Dell) so if anything goes wrong, you have to go through those companies to get any parts that may breakdown, this costs $$.

    I'll stick my neck out and say Sony and Toshiba to name two. I'm sure you'll get differing views on this.

    If you don't really need a laptop, you get a better bang for the buck with a desktop PC. Choose a well known independent company that's been in business for 5 years or more, tell them what you want to do with the PC and have it custom built for your needs. It will cost less than a laptop (you can spend lots on a desktop for special needs such as high end gaming or sound etc.) but perhaps a little more than an off the shelf PC.

    One thing I would recommend is to make sure you have at least a 3 year warranty .. especially for a laptop, you may have to pay a bit more, but it's worth the peace of mind.

    You will more than likely get Windows XP Home edition included with the package which includes an Internet program (Microsoft Internet Explorer .. but there are others that are free to download such as Mozilla). STAY AWAY from AOL is my best advice, as there are too many problems with it, and they are not a true Internet Web Browser.

    With Windows XP they are now including virus and firewall abilities, but if you're like most of us on this site we use the free version of AVG or Avast virus scanners and for a firewall the free version of Zone Alarm (these programs do an excellent job if not better than some of the virus/firewall programs out there). We find that there are problems with Norton and therefore would not recommend it.

    As far as support is concerned, the company through its warranty and good will, will help you, but we at Help2Go will be more than happy to help too. I will stop rambling now, but stay tuned as I know other members will be happy to give you their opinions.

    Good luck and welcome aboard.

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    If you are UK based I would strongly recommend Evesham Micros.
    Quality build and first class support and after sales. I've been using Evesham systems for 5 years and the only problem was a floppy drive that was giving intermittent problems. I rang Evesham and the engineer called and fitted a replacement within 24 hrs, under guarantee. Regards.
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    First I agree with Canuck on the laptop or Desk top. Don't buy a lap top unless you must have that is portable. All lap tops, most parts to fix them need to gotten from the manufacture.

    If in the USA, I have had very good luck with the Dell's, my family members (about 8 I think) all but one (1) has had great luck with them. I have 2 Dell's, so far so good.

    But I have had a Gateway, that was fine/no problem. I sold this 3 year old PC to my sister and she has used for over a year and still working just great.

    IBM I have learned has sold much of the PC making business to a company in China. Not saying that is bad as many parts in all PC probably come from China anyway.

    Extended warranty probably a good idea on any PC, if the price is resonable.


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    There is no such thing. Most are assembly plants that put other maker's parts together.
    Models within one manufacturer's range can even vary in quality. The whole world of computers is a vast array of component suppliers who have their goods manufactured mainly in Taiwan or China. The component manufacturers chop and change plants often, generally chasing cheaper costs. Few actually own the manufacturing plant.
    The end result is quality from one model to the next can vary widely.
    Yopu could go out and by the same make and model as a friend of yours has only to find the graphics card or some other component has changed and possibley the overall quality.
    Avoid HP, Compaq, IBM like the plague. The bigger the dealer the less service you will get.
    The best advise I can give is look for a medium size vender who has been in business for at least 3 years. Talk to them about what you want in a system. The brand is irrelevant. What's inside is what counts.
    These type of vendors generally have more knowledge than large Corps employees do.
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