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    Default suspicous program

    there is a blackout warning on my desktop about how vunerable my pc is the program is"! secure your data" and "! protect your data" .this program got thru when i was trying to do an online virus scan and couldnt do it.i have been to the website of the program and it doesnt appear to be suspicious, but i am concerned it is a trojan as yet there has been no effect on my pc.also a week or more earlier there was a file called socks2MFC from the program sysnet exe. -which i managed to disable from start up- antivirus and spyware have not listed these as suspicios but should i be concerned?

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    We can find out for sure, go to and follow all steps 1 to 5. In step 5, after running Highjackthis, copy and paste you log to this post (click the Post reply at bottom of this page). One of our experts inHJT will take a look and let you know what needs fixing .. do not try fixing on your own.