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    Jason Hu.

    Default hotmail email account.

    Hi there.
    Two weeks ago I went on the computer to check my email. My email account is with hotmail. However I logged on to it and could see who had sent me emails. How ever I cannot access my emails. It saus an error has occured in the following ways. Page number and line number are given. It asks if i want to continue running the script / page, and I say yes but it doesnt it just stays on the page and wont access the email. My computer is a IBM with windows 98.
    If anyone knows anything I would appriciate it.
    Thanks, Jason

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    Jaso hu

    Default re

    Any one please have any info?

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    I would try clearing your cookies/temporary internet files then try to check your email again.

    Also in your browser menu click tools>internet options.

    go to the advanced page and make sure:

    "disable script debugging" is checked
    "display a notification about every script error" is unchecked
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