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    Default partition an external hard drive

    Have a Maxtor One Touch 250 GB external hard drive, connected by USB 2.0 to a 750mhz 512 mb ram PC and running Windows 98SE.

    Want to partition the exteranal HD in to several drives for different uses.
    Can anyone walk me through how to do or suggest sites to guide me or any free tools to accomplish? Do not want to put OS on the extranal or boot from it.


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    I own that hard drive, its very good, although if it is available I would suggest using firewire not USB2 as it maintains quicker speeds whereas some users report problems with USB2.

    Right here goes, firstly I think I am right in saying you can only format it in FAT or FAT32 systems as your running 98, be warned this will limet your file size to 2GB or 4GB I know this sounds a lot but if you have any plans for video editing or creating backup its worth thinking about.

    Now I've only done this on windows XP but I think it should be a similar idea, incidentally windows help should guide you through this as thats how I figured it out. You need to access disc manager, which in XP is found from the control pannel > administritive tools > computer management > disc manager. I am assuming you will be able to find it without too much trouble. Once there you should see your drive listed as drive E possibly, you'll be able to tell as it'll be huge in comparison to your other drives. Now when I performed the partition I deleted the existing partition and reformatted to NTFS (basically because it says so in the manual and windows agreed) as you can't do this what you will have to do is delete the partition you have by right clicking on delete (incedentally if it says alter partion I'd go with that but I don't think it will) then you will see a box which is shaded, right click this and select new partition or words to that effect. Now you should be able to select the size (remember the different counters binary for computers and decimal for us, i.e. if you are creating a drive just big enough then be sure your working in the right unit, especially if this is a large drive, remember your drive reads as though it has 230 binary GB not the 250 decimal ones advertised.) And you should be able to select either FAT or FAT32, go with FAT32 as its better. Then it should format it for you, then just keep creating drives, might take a little playing to get the right sizes but once its done it done.

    Hope that helps, if you need anything clearing up as I have a tendancy to waffle just ask.