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    Default Printer is not online

    I am using a Windows 98.
    Added a new printer on Computer A (upstairs).
    Successfully added an IBM Lexmark printer.

    The installation went ok and the printer did the test page ok. But it can't print anything from the computer.

    Is it my port? This (upstairs computer) used to use another printer (Epson) connected to another computer downstairs for printing.
    The LPT1 is still showing as Epson's. I have also connected the new printer (IBM 4390) to this same LPT1 port.

    Computer upstairs now has two printer icons showing in the printer menu.
    Epson (which I can't use to print now because the internet connection on Computer downstairs has died); and the new one - IBM 4390.

    Can two printers share the same port or should I change the port for this the IBM - if so, which port?

    I think i got a message before saying the new printer added was not 'online'. What does that mean?


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    I would uninstall the printer you are not using anymore before installing a new one. After uninstalling the old printer the new one should be set to the default printer and work fine for you.
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