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    Default Links in IE don't work

    I am having trouble with my browser. All link that Open up another instance of IE doesn't work. For instance, if a web site has a list of links to other web sites, normally you click it and that web site opens up in another window, but for me the page never loads. If fact when you click on the toolbar icon of the new browser, the viewing area is not just blank or has an error message, it is see-thru. If all the browsers are minimized, and then you maximize the new window, you see my desktop in the browser!!! Nothing ever loads. I once clicked it, waited, went to sleep for 8 hours, woke up and still it was acting like it was trying to load the page. Keep in mind that this only happens if you click a link that is supposed to open in a new browser, if you click a link that just changes the page, then it works fine.
    Please help me, thanks.
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    Take a look at this . Hope this works for you, let us know.