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    Default AOL keeps falling apart and eventually won't work

    Database C:\AMERICA ONLINE 5.0\IDB\main.ind index file is damaged. Please reinstall AOL Software

    I'm having this error message. I don't know what sequence of events I may have done to incur this. Might be me, might not be. :roll: I've looked for help but cannot find anything anywhere.

    Here's what I'm working with: windows 98se, AOL 5.0, and an outdated graphics card, had several virueses last couple years found by running Norton vp corp ed (tho I don't think installed correctly), use Spybot and Spywareblaster, and last week installed TrojanHunter to find 4 trojans running.

    I get this error message when starting AOL and can still get online. But after I use AOL a couple of times I get this error message about 4 times while trying to use it. Its at that time that it quits working altogether and I cannot get online.

    I tried updating aol but to a version that doesn't support my graphics card so I'll have to research options there.

    I tried to save a copy of this main.ind file in my documents so I could just replace it when the trouble sets in but that doesn't work. After replacing the file aol just hangs and never does anything. By the way, this file doesn't even show up unless using GoBack (which is where I copied it from). I've unchecked hide system files but I don't ever see any half hidden files (indicating that it is showing me system files). System still acts likes it has virus, trojans, something.

    I've stayed online the last couple of weeks by using GoBack which is always unnerving for me cause I always pay some price (tho I love it when there are no other choices).

    I was thinking it was leftover from ridding this system of the trojans. But I'm not sure. And doesn't it sound like my firewall doesn't work?

    Any ideas anyone? I don't think I should keep using GoBack for a fix.

    By the way, I admire all those who help us fledglings. The computer industry changes so fast, so we'll always be fledglings. And we couldn't do anything without you helpers. In a way your heroes. And I mean that. So thank you!


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    *starts the format chant*

    In all seriousness, after having a bunch of viruses and running into other problems I would reinstall windows. Windows 9x usually needs about one nice clean format and reinstall a year to keep running properly.
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