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    Arthur J. Giroux

    Default MemoryBlaster and TraceBlaster Code Keys to reenter program

    MemoryBlaster and TraceBlaster by Total Velocity :

    I purchased the listed products with order #67978. My HD died last week and was replaced. My two listed programs will not install even though I have the Code #. The Name part of the Code is what fails. Can you help in this case?

    I use Windows XP 2000.

    Thank you.

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    I have removed your personal information. It is not a good idea to post such on in an open forum, you're opening yourself up to spam, viruses and other unwanted solicitations. Our policy in this forum is to respond to questions by Post Reply for each post.

    I suggest you go to the Support page of Total Velocity and ask for assistance. This is most likely a key code problem that only they can assist with.