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    Default display drivers help

    I believed I was updating my display driver but infact I made it worse. I have a 98HP with an M70 monitor. My current display adapter is Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (vga). My screen is now only set at 640 x 480 with 16 colors.

    Under my System Information History for display drivers this is what it says:

    Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)
    Last Change Tue Feb 01 22:59:43 2005
    Driver: vga.drv 4/23/1999 10:22 PM Size: 52080

    Tue Dec 14 23:00:43 2004 to Tue Feb 01 22:59:43 2005
    Alloc resources: Logical Configuration 0
    Driver: igfxdev.dll 7/14/2000 5:05 PM Size: 125952
    Driver: igfxdgps.dll 7/14/2000 5:05 PM Size: 7680
    Driver: igfxdiag.exe 7/14/2000 5:05 PM Size: 157184
    Driver: igfxcfg.exe 7/14/2000 5:05 PM Size: 180224
    Driver: igfxcpl.cpl 7/14/2000 5:05 PM Size: 84480
    Driver: igfxeud.dll 7/14/2000 5:05 PM Size: 142336
    Driver: igfxpph.dll 7/14/2000 5:05 PM Size: 122368
    Driver: igfxsrvc.dll 7/14/2000 5:05 PM Size: 169984
    Driver: hccutils.dll 7/14/2000 5:05 PM Size: 112640
    Driver: i81xgicd.dll 7/14/2000 5:37 PM Size: 1495040
    Driver: i81xghlp.exe 7/14/2000 5:38 PM Size: 36864
    Driver: i81xgdev.dll 7/14/2000 5:38 PM Size: 372736
    Driver: vgartd.vxd 7/14/2000 5:05 PM Size: 25106
    Driver: adv05w9x.dll 7/14/2000 5:26 PM Size: 24576
    Driver: atv04w9x.dll 7/14/2000 5:26 PM Size: 40960
    Driver: atv02w9x.dll 7/14/2000 5:26 PM Size: 28672
    Driver: adv02w9x.dll 7/14/2000 5:26 PM Size: 24576
    Driver: atv01w9x.dll 7/14/2000 5:26 PM Size: 40960
    Driver: adv01w9x.dll 7/14/2000 5:26 PM Size: 24576
    Driver: Ch7xxw9x.dll 7/14/2000 5:26 PM Size: 32768
    Driver: SiIw9x.dll 7/14/2000 5:26 PM Size: 24576
    Driver: i81xdd.dll 7/14/2000 5:31 PM Size: 897024
    Driver: i81x.vxd 7/14/2000 5:31 PM Size: 143187
    Driver: i81x329x.dll 7/14/2000 5:31 PM Size: 26624
    Driver: i81xdw9x.drv 8/1/2000 12:29 PM Size: 53136

    So, my question is what do I do now?

    Thank you so much to anyone that can help me.

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    What version of windows are you using? If its XP try rolling back the drivers in device manager.
    Also try running a custom windows update as they might have new drivers for your card.
    Or you could try updating the drivers via windows on the device manager but this may have been what caused the problem in the first place, the same thing happened to me.
    Try to find out the manufacturer and model of your card and get the latest drivers from them, make sure you uninstall any display drivers you already have before installing new one so you don't get any compatibility issues.
    I would choose the last option as Windows arent very good at display drivers.

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    Hi muzikchix
    you running 98 where did you try to download drivers from, has your video card got a make, you can download belarc advisor and this will tell you, [BTW what model of HP computer is it]
    Belarc download

    Have you tried to alter settings

    Go to start click on start>settings>click on control panel>double click on Display>click on settigs Tab at top> at the bottom you will see slider Bar, can you alter this to 800 by 600 use thee slider to do this, then apply OK

    You could try scanreg/restore but in windows 98 only goes back to last 5 restore points

    For scanreg/restore restart your PC in MS-DOS mode

    at the C: prompt, type scanreg /restore and press Enter
    You should have a choice of registry backups from the last five days the system successfully booted. select a copy of the registry to replace the current registry Click a registry entry that has the word "Started" next to the date, and then press Enter.

    Regards Stoney