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    Default problem with bit tornado

    im downloading a torrent using bittorrent. the torrent contains several video files. using the "download first" feature, i set two files to be downloaded before the others. now the bitter deal. both the files have finished downloading but i can only play one of them while i cant play the other.

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    i just looked in the folder where the downloads taking place and quite a surprise there. the file with bittornado claims to have downloaded 100% shows up as 0 bytes. however, the first few files of the torrent show 200mb [i guess that is the file size] BUT, i cant play them.

    i use avipreview by andrei jefremov to preview incomplete avi files. but even it fails here.

    what could be going on :?

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    Don't know what is going on exactly but I do know you cannot preview partial movie files downloaded using bittorrent as the "bits" are downloaded in random order and are not sorted into the correct order until the download is complete.

    If you are saying you simply cannot view completed movie files then perhaps it is just a codec problem, try using different players or search for some codec sites on google.

    If you are saying nothing seems to be downloading then this cold be due to a number of issues but most likely a dead seed or too few peers....try again later or connect to a differnt seed.