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    Default Can not boot win XP from CD or Floppy or DOS

    Okay I have an HP pavalion notebook N3270 seris laptop. I tripped over the cord and it fell and now...It boots up with this black screen saying it cant boot and offers safe mode, last known configuration, normal....okay....

    it will go into the screen WIndows Xp and Pretend to load and than cycle itself around again to the HP pavalion screen and than the black screen again. I have tried loading from floppy disks and the CD ROM.

    When getting into DOs mode, it is able to pull up stuff inthe directories however will still not boot windows.

    I am not too literate into computers but think that this can be fixed. does any one have any clue as to what to do? Please help or suggest things to me. Note I would takeit in to get it looked at but I am so broke, and I would like to do it on my own or with other people's help if possible. Thank you

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    HP and probably most laptops don't take to kindly to being dropped as you're no doubt aware. A couple of things come to mind, the most likely is that something has been dislodged such as memory stick or even the unit that holds the stick or something else. The other possibility is that the wiring on the power cord at the end that plugs into the laptop has been broken and making a poor contact, this gives very weird and erratic behaviour. Try wiggling the connection from side to side when you have the laptop on and see if it shuts down .. if it does you'll need a new cord. If this is not the case, and you're not technically inclined, you'll have to take it to a HP tech shop.

    Hope this helps, wish the news was better. Keep us posted. Also stay tuned, as I'm certainly not the last word on this, someone else may come up with something.