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    Last Day!

    Default Any Words of Wisdom???

    I'm hoping to get some help on purchasing (and keeping) a first-time laptop. With everyone's experience, perhaps there will be words of wisdom uncovered so I don't start from square one. I have to decide by today because my Dell's return satisfaction plan expires today and I have to send it out in the mail (from California to the East Coast) and pay $50 to return it.

    Here are some questions/info:

    1. Do brands matter? The research I did showed me that IBM, Toshiba, Fijitsu, and Dell were some of the better quality (i.e. systems, service) PCs.

    2. This will be my main and only home/travel computer. My main uses will be wireless web browsing, downloading, writing documents, burning cds, and watching cds & dvds. In the next year, I will begin to download digital camera & videos, and burn dvds. I am seeking a fast speed, reliability and ease of system, lasting up to four years, for under $1200 (not including tax, shipping). Any recommendations?

    3. If wanting to utilize this laptop for up the four years, what should I look for?

    4. I ordered a warranty through Dell and I was charged tax on it. Is this legal?

    5. Dell recently took their laptop Inspiron 8600 off their new product page and when I called about it, I was informed that there are unknown system problems. I bought the refurbished version of this model. Should I worry?

    Any advice on any of my question would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!


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    Take a look at this post, most of your questions are answered there . As far as tax on warranty, I guess it depends where you live. Most places will charge tax on services as well as merchandise. If Dell are saying that there are unknown system problems with your model, and you have the opportunity to get your money back or at least exchange for a different model, go for it.

    I'm sure other members will have some opinions on this, so stay tuned.

    I have deleted your other post, you must have patience, our members are volunteers and are on site at their convenience.

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    Try to get as big a hard drive as you can afford, especially if you are going to do pictures and dvd's. It is tough to upgrade a laptop later (although you could always addan external USB harddrive). Try to anticipate your future needs and get what you will need now. Charlie

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    Hi Lastday - I'm with Canuck on this. If a company decides to withdraw a product things must be pretty bad. Withdrawing goods is an expensive, money losing operation and one any company would avoid unless it was a very serious problem. I wish you luck. Regards.
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