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    Default Email attachments & computer profile

    Problem 1: How do I attach a picture from another site to an Email I want to send?
    Problem 2: How do I set up a profile/ID for my computer?

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    Problem 1: On the internet site where picture is, rt click on picture>save picture as>select file to download to> name it if it's default name is not acceptable>Save. Depending on the format it's saved in you may need to convert it to .jpeg and make it smaller for easier and faster transmission). Having done that, go to your e-mail program, create the e-mail you want to send and click Attachment> find your way to the file with picture>click on file and attach>send e-mail.

    An easier way (if you have this option) is rt click on picture>e-mail picture>use the default 'make my pictures smaller'>OK and follow the instructions. NB These instructions are based on XP, however I think 98 has similar settings.

    Problem 2: Unfortunately I'm not proficient with 98 so stay tuned for one of our members who is.