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    Default win media player chaos /confusion

    reference previous win media player- downloaded update but accidently closed setup installation- why no warning???- cant find it(search facilty not working)- where is it?looked desktop ,my docs, my program files, docs and settings, win media player folder - nothing
    win media player says updates are current- even though i have been unable to install the update and it reads version 8!

    downloaded again to my documents /desktop ( i can never figure this out with mozilla)- but because i will prob need to do restore( as i cleaned cache and lost 100plus bookmarks- nice) it is pointless installing it now i need to save to disc and install it after any possible restore
    :? :? :?

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    The updates in Windows media player say they up to date because for seris 8, they are. You need to download and install a newer version as the updates are specific to each version. Don't worry, a newer seris will replace the old one.

    In Mozilla you can choose where you download files to by going to Tools> Options> Downloads. You can specify your own folder here. I suggest creating a new folder to download all your files to, something like "C:/My Documents/Downloaded.

    Cheers, Dave.