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    Default IF YOUR PROBLEM IS SOLVED please read this post.

    To our members: If we have helped you fix your problem we ask you to say so in your post. If a number of solutions have been given, please state which one you used or, if you found the solution elsewhere please let us know what you did. In this way we will know what works and what doesn't so that we can help others in the future.

    If you wish to show your appreciation for the help you received, there are two ways you can do this. The first way is for you to make a donation by clicking here and support this site by making a contribution. This site is totally run by volunteers, however it does cost to keep this site going and our fearless leader osc keeps it running from his own pocket, so please consider this.

    The second way you can show your appreciation for the help received. You will note at the bottom of each post the button "Click here if this post helped you!". Select the post where the information/help was given, clicking on the button will rate that particular post. This rating serves two purposes, first it rates the actual information so others will see whether the information is worth noting and second it gives the 'posting member' rating points which is a way of showing your appreciation for their efforts in helping you. Note: you are only able to rate a post once, also you are not able to rate your own post.

    We hope you have enjoyed your visit to Help2Go and that we were able to help you with your computer problem. Bookmark this site in your 'favorites' and drop by anytime for assistance in our Q&A forum and Spyware Help Forum. Make use of our many Articles and Tutorials and if you want some laughs and light reading check out the Community Discussion forum and join in.

    Thank you
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