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    Hello, i've got an antec case, and it comes with front panel sound ports, and i'm wanting to hook them up, my sound card is an ESS 1969 PCI Audiodrive (wdm) and i'm not sure where to hook the cables from the front panel sound.. its got 4 wires for the speakers in a set, 2 wires for the mic in a set and one ground wire connected to both sets... i've been working on this for a couple of days now, and its starting to get irritating, PLEASE HELP if you can, thank you very much

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    Does your soundcard have headers that let you connect to the front ports?
    If not these ports will connect through the mother board.
    As you don't mention which m/board you have it's hard to say any more.
    Your m/board manual is probably the place to look.
    Regards guy9663.

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    Hallo Pimps - I've read your post several times and may be it's me misunderstanding it but..are you saying that you have connected ok at the front of your PC and it's the end conecting to the speakers you are having trouble with? Or is the problem at the PC end? If it's at the PC, look closely around the connections and see if there are any marks(they may be stamped into the area around the area of the connections or may be labelled. Is one, or more, labelled with what looks like a microphone, and others with a series of 'broken circles'? How many connections do you have altogether at the PC? Regards.
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