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    Default No sound from my speaker

    My speaker seems OK but there is no sound after I deleted some files by accident and now I don't know what files are these. I have tried re-installing the software for the windows 98 and the motherboard but there is still no sound from the speaker. Now I cannot listen to the CDs or the music from the internet.

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    You may have deleted your sound driver. Open the device manager by double-clicking on the system icon in control panel and choosing the device manager tab. If you can see a yellow exclamation mark or question mark by the sound device this means your sound driver is at fault. Simply reinstall the driver and see what happens.
    If you have a sound card not onboard sound, you will need to install the sound card driver.
    Just asking here but is the volume up high enough?
    Let us know how you get on.
    Regards guy9663.

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    Never delete any files unless you know what they are.
    Your best bet is to reinstall Windows as there are probaly several essential files missing.
    Just install it over the existing installation. Your data and patches should remain intact.
    As always to be on the safe side back up data first.
    In the future always uninstall software from the Control Panel. Also use Window's Disk Clean tool located in the Accessories/System Tools Start menu.
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