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    Default *Burner Question

    Will this burner work on my HP XP Home Edition 1.1Ghz. 128MB Celeron? Thanx.

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    I can't see a model number on the box, but there should be info on system requirements on the box, or web site. As long as you meet the minimum system requirements, it should work. But you should add at least 256mb more RAM to your system. Windows XP runing on 128mb is not a good idea, 256 is considered minimum-512 better. Adding 256 would give you 384mb. If you can afford 512, that would take you to 640mb. Trying to burn CDs and DVDs with only 128mb will be very frustrating as your system will bog down, may freeze and crash. Charlie

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    it will work but no where near the speeds indicated on the box. On your system, for error free burning I would guess DVD burning at 2X would be needed. Even then you would need to shut down everything except the basics.
    To be honest either upgrade your system of buy a single layer 4 speed burner. Use the savings to boost your memory.
    PS dual layer blanks cost nearly as much as buying the DVD. 99% of movies will fit on a single layer DVD as long as the junk is left out. Using a program like DVD shrink you can do that.
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    I checked again the memory on my pc & this is what it says:
    Memory:382MB Total (71% of load)

    Here's the spec. on the burner:

    Product Features

    4x maximum DVD+R DL write speed; 16x maximum DVD+R and DVD-R write speed
    8x maximum DVD+RW rewrite speed; 6x DVD-RW rewrite speed
    16x maximum DVD-ROM read speed
    48x maximum CD-R write speed
    24x maximum CD-RW rewrite speed
    48x maximum CD-ROM read speed

    2MB cache buffer and buffer underrun protection for smooth, reliable burns
    EIDE interface

    160 ms average access time

    Built-in flash ROM for online upgradeability; RAW mode support

    Generous Nero software bundle includes PhotoShow Deluxe, BackItUp, InCD, Vision Express, Showtime and more

    Product Details
    Warranty Terms - Parts 1 year
    Internal or External Internal
    Maximum Write Speed 4x DVD+R DL; 16x DVD+R; 16x DVD-R; 48x CD-R
    Maximum Rewrite Speed 8x DVD+RW; 6x DVD-RW; 24x CD-RW
    Maximum Read Speed 16x DVD-ROM; 48x CD-ROM
    Interface Slot/Connection Port EIDE
    Software Included Nero Express, InCD, Vision Express, BackItup, Showtime, Recode, Cover Designer, Toolkit and PhotoShow Deluxe
    Average Access Time 160 ms
    Buffer Size 2MB

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    I remember reading that it says on the box; PentiumIII something but didn't mention Pentium Celeron.