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    Default Delay time between send and receive in Win2000Advance!

    Hi everyone! 8O
    I am writing a server program on Windows 2000 Advance Server and I've found out a very strange thing:
    I made a client program to test this server as following: Client will generate a message(about 150 bytes long,nothing special) and sends it to the server through port 1500(normal port) then wait for reply from server(the server listen at port 1800(normal port, too)).The server will process and sends back another message to reply the client.As soon as receiving the message,the client generate another message and sends to server again,the server will sends back again, and so on...
    When I test the server and client on WindowsXP,everything is alright!The client and server receive,send,receive,send...well,nothing happens!But when I place the server on Windows 2000 Advance sever, the client just sends several message and receive just that number of message from server and that's all: Both the server and client seem to stop(nothing happens,nothing transfer)! But when I delay some seconds(3) between the receiving and the next sending at client, everything's alright again as on Windows XP!
    I think the windows 2000 advance server doesn't allow sending and receiving at one port so successively, it needs delay time(Maybe because of security reason for example!).Can you explain this to me?
    Thank you for listening!

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    I just found 1000 different answers to that. Maybe it has to do with some authentication process to finish 1st.
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