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    Hey everybody, my toshiba labtop has been acting kinda funny, and whenever I go to delete a favorite from my favorites list on Internet explorer, and even after I empty it from the recycle bin, it still shows up again when I re-open internet explorer, any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    I take it you're rt clicking on the favorite and selecting delete. Try going through the longer method >Favorites>Organize Favorites>select and delete.

    If this doesn't work, you may have some malware, in which case I suggest you go here . Follow all steps 1 to 5. When you get to 5 you will be creating a Highjackthis log. Copy the log and return to this post, click Post Reply at the bottom of the page and paste the log there. Make mention that you've followed through all the steps so that our experts will know what's been done.