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    Default Capturing & viewing redirects in IE...

    Hi - Does anyone know how to figure out what site redirects are going on within a website?

    Explanation: I'm trying to "capture" a series of websites as evidence for work. I usually use HTTrack tool (, but it's not not capturing the redirects. Also, the redirects happen so fast that I can't do a View > Source fast enough.

    Is there a tool (preferably free) or a method to be able to view site redirects? If I can get a list of every redirect that is taking place then I can throw them all into the HTTrack tool and capture the the redirect process from start to finish.

    Also, if anyone knows of a better tool than HTTrack for capturing websites (esp. capturing redirects) please let me know! The catch is, I need the HTML source code, so a pictoral capturing tool (such as Adobe Acrobat) will not suffice.

    Any help would be extremely appreciated!!!


    - Ed

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    I've created this php script that show's the source of a URL. Maybe it'll help?