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    Hi all

    My computer seems to have stoped access to https address's.

    I am not able to log into any of my online account such as eBay, PayPal and other sites. The hopme pages and normal site load up fine but when i click to login the page does not open i get sent to a page not found page.

    I have a PC and wireless networked laptop same problem on each.

    I have tried using netscap and firefox with no luck.

    My privacy setting is set to medium and i ahve turned off my firewall and security system

    please help!

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    Have you made any changes to your computer recently?
    This could be new software/hardware etc.
    Regards guy9663.

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    the pc is used by the family and i dont use it much.

    i rang my isp and they asked my to install internet explorer

    i re-formated the pc and i have the same problem

    i have also tryed connecting the cable modem directly to my laptop which i have two spyware adware softwares running as well as macafee security suite, same problem.

    I am putting the fault on the internet connection know and will contact the isp in the morning but what could be causing this?

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    What OS do you have (i.e. Windows 98/ME/XP etc.etc.). Also, open Internet Explorer and click "Help" then "About Internet Explorer". What does it list as your Cipher Strength? Anything less than 128-bit will not work for about 95% of sites that use secure connections. You can download it from here . And if that's not the case, try disabling mcafee security suite and see if that solves the issue. I know you said you did a format / reinstall but not sure if you installed that before trying to connect to the internet. Maybe some more ideas later.


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    after trying everything to resolve this from sources from the internet and microsoft site i had 1 hour chat with a technical person from my isp, who seem'd to be reading off microsoft's site! as i had tried everything he suggested.

    Upon my fustration he talked to a technical manager and discovered the fault was at there end!

    They estimated it to be fixed within 48-72 hours. Infact it was ok after 2 hours.

    Was very pleased but a right shamble with the isp.