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    Default Firewalls... please help.


    As ever i am having some difficulty getting my head around Firewalls. I recently installed Kaspersky Antivirus and then had to uninstall it because it was somehow affecting my internet connection. I have no idea how!

    My guess was that a Firewall somewhere was not allowing me to connect to the pages I wanted to?

    I have reinstalled Kaspersky now and since I ran a scan the first time I installed it and have since run the Panda and TrendMicro online scans I am pretty sure that I am virus free... so before I do anything more can anyone give me any advice about Firewalls and what I need and donĀ“t need?

    From what I can remember, the Windows Firewall is pretty useless so I should disable it. But can you remind me how to do that? Also, does Kaspersky have a built-in firewall that I should disable before continuing (like Norton?)... and can anyone recommend me any firewalls I should install?

    I know thatĀ“s a lot of questions, but IĀ“d really appreciate the help. Thank you all in advance,


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    Hi phalex

    I have had a look at your other post concerning Firewall and uninstall of Norton you prob have remnants of norton on your system, that is causing the problem, you say you have Kaspersky Personal 2004 Antivirus as far as i know this is just an Antivirus do you have any icon in your system tray that shows a Kaspersky Firewall, Yes you need to turn off the XP Firewall if you have a third party Firewall, if you do not have a Firewall then try ZoneAlarm FREE Many of us use it and it is very good

    Take a look at this link below what version of Norton did you remove

    Follow the link above to remove NAV and to Remove Nav remnants make sure you use the correct utility you will see 1 for NAV 2003 0r earlier and 1 for 2004/2005, if that does not scroll down and take a look at the res of the thread

    How to turn of XP Firwall

    ZoneAlarm Firewall

    only run 1 Firewall and 1 Antivirus on your system