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    Default dual cpu motherdoard.

    I have seen some dual cpu motherdoard on the net and was wondering.
    is 2 cpus better than one and would they be anything to gain from this.
    for the average home pc user?

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    Are you talking about Hyper threading ? I have a dell 8300 with HT and have it turned off.


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    mmm.. my "server" is a dual opteron based board. It's the Tyan S2885. It's not completed yet since the board alone cost me a pretty penny as did the processor...only have one but working on getting the next. Bard probably remembers me talking about this board a long while ago and I'm just now getting it together, FINALLY!. The reason I'm going to use this board is for serving. You can do load balancing on the processor(s) so background applications (things running that you aren't technically using) run on one processor and all other applications run on the other. I don't think you could gain anything from it for the average home user. But then again, if say one day you decide to start liking video editing/creation then it might be a good choice. Also, if you have the $ to buy something like this (took me ages to save up for the board alone) then why not? You'd have one heck of a machine that will last you a very long time in computer standards. Especially with dual processors.

    The motherboard alone cost me $350 and each processor around $200 each so you will be putting out some cash for the dual processing boards. If it's within your budget or if you don't mind saving for a bit then hey, why not? You know how the saying goes "Boys and their toys".