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    Default page fault error

    i was using limewire when my pc crashed and rebooted with a blue screen- i couldnt get all the message but it was related to a "page fault", i then decided to play a game (offline) and the same thing happened, on the reboot as i was going online a grey box message appeared from apparently microsoft stating that i urgently needed to repair my registry to avoid fatal damage(or words to that effect) and to click on the link whiich i cant recall full url but did have microsoft in its title- is this some sort of scam?- what would you suggest i do first?-(although as i write this i am running a housecall online scan)- should i run a bootscan?

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    It does sound as though you've downloaded malware.* To be sure, <span>go here .* Follow all steps 1 to 5.* When you get to 5 you will be creating a Highjackthis log.* Copy the log and return to this post, click Post Reply at the bottom of the page and paste the log there.* Make mention that you've followed through all the steps so that our experts will know what's been done.* As of June 1<sup>st</sup>, to have your HJT log analyzed by one of our experts, you&rsquo;ll need to sign up as a member.* You can post back to this thread, as a member, and this will then be forwarded to the Spyware Help forum or you can create a new post in that forum.

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    just to update you, another blue screen flashed up a message of what i could catch as "Driver irq not less or equal", i googled this and it appears to be from my limited understanding a graphics/ sound prob. .
    i was online later in the day for over 2.5 hours with no probs