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    Default PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

    I really hope someone can help me with this one. I have a custom built laptop that is pretty up to date(wondows xp, pentium 4 ect) and about a year ago it got a pretty bad virus from a so called antivirus downloaded from a website. Now whenever I try to open anything (even solitaire!!!) a message pops up saying the file cannot be found. So I figure the virus must have messed up the paths for any file or program on my computer. And I cant even reboot the system, or download a antivirus disk because my computer is not even detecting the C drive!!!! What do I do when I cant even use my C drive (I think its the C drive, its where you put CD in the computer) I have one but the computer doesnt read it at all. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! Remember I cant get into any program not even some things on the control panel or my computer. But I think there is hope because I have been able to manipulate the system and open a music recording program and even play songs but that is all I can do really.

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    Hallo mjackso - Presumably you have XP disc? Go here -
    and follow the instructions. I assume you are unable to back anything up, but if you can I suggest you backup any important files first.
    Then when you are hopefully up and running go here
    and follow all the instructions and one of the experts will check your Log Regards.
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