Hello everyone. Fantastic work done by everyone here, I am impressed! Now hopefully one of you may be able to help me. I am interested in having RSS feeds on my website. I have feeds displaying on my site properly, but I would like to have similiar feeds displayed in xml format. (So I may submit them to MyYahoo, for SEO purposes) They need to be relevant to my site's keywords :Making Money Online, Making Money at Home etc etc. Now, I can get them in xml form through Yahoo News, with the exact search parameters as I mentioned (making money online etc). However, when I use Dreamweaver to upload them (the rss xml code itself, copy and paste from yahoo) onto blank html documents, and save them as .xml, I get a boatload of errors, all stemming from the top. I can usually edit the code enough for the errors to go away, but then the rss doesn't update.
The pages in question are www.therealincome.com

Thank you for your time