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Thread: IE 6.0 problem

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    Default IE 6.0 problem

    I seem to be having an odd and strange problem with my Internet Explorer recently. It's hard to explain...
    When I open IE to check my email, (ex: hotmail) (or other pages) I enter my nick and password and then hit enter. The page opens properly to my inbox but then the top bar of the IE page, where it says: "MSN - INBOX - MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER" goes from blue to grey, as IF I opened something else and my INBOX page is now one of 2 or more browsers open in the background (although it's the only one). So then I have to click my mouse carefully somewhere on the INBOX page to return it back to active blue, so I can use my scroller. I know there is a way to remedy this somehow! Can someone please help? It is driving me absolutely crazy. I'll be forever in your debt.

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    What is happeing is another browser window is opening and becomes the "active" window.
    All windows programs show two colors in that top area. One for active and one for inactive.
    To activate a particular browser pace simply click on it.
    My problem with this is it shouldn't be happening at all so you may be getting browser windows opening that could be from somewhere else.
    It is worth reading the articles in our Articles & Tutorials section on this subject and follow the recommendations.
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