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    Default C-media AC97 code 10

    Hello ..... I received some excellent help from you guys earlier regarding problems connecting to the internet. Thank you so much for your help. Ya did such a good job that I'm back to see ya again ....... lol

    Ok, I just got a new harddrive and installed windows xp pro on it ... today in fact .. whoot, I feel so geekie ... lol

    Here is the problem however. I get no sound. yes, speakers are plugged in.

    When I go to control panel and check out the sounds, the little play button is not available (for example, highlighting astrick I should get the little button that lets me play the sound. I do not)

    so I dived in a bit further and got to divice manager and found a yellow question mark at my C-media AC97 so I attempted to down load the drivers off of the CD. It downloaded drivers fine but said that it could not start due to code 10.

    I went to trouble shoot ..... followed their direction: uninstalled and then went to hardware wizard and reinstalled .... still ... it does not work.

    Does anyone have advice for me on this. And please provide the advice in non-geek language, I do well with terms like thingie and doodad ... lol

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    First, go to CONTROL PANEL, open up SOUNDS, SPEECH and AUDIO DEVICES, then click on SOUNDS and AUDIO DEVICES.Click on the audio tab and see what is listed as your default device. If you have more than one option, try them to see if you get sound. If that doesn't work, then for some reason, windows is loading the wrong driver. Are you loading from your motherboard driver CD or are you letting windows auto install? If you have the driver CD, try this:
    First- uninstall the old driver
    Then open the driver CD and find the sound driver- it probably won't say C-media; might be Realtek.
    Click on the sound driver and see if it has a setup icon (looks like a computer), click on the icon and it should install itself.
    Reboot and see if you have sound.

    If that doesn't work, uninstall the driver, reboot, when it finds new hardware- pick the option to load from a specified location (don't let windows find it for you). Navigate to the driver on the CD and see what happens.

    If you don't have the driver CD, you will need to download the correct driver, so we will need more info about your computer. Charlie