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    Default Error 126 rtl70.bpl

    :cry: I know my error is from Spy Doctor, but don't know how to fix it! when I log on I get the message Error: Cannot find import; DLL may be missing, corrupt or wrong versin. File rtl70.bpl Error 126

    I have completely uninstalled Spy Doctor from my computer and re-installed it, still had the error, so I totally removed it AGAIN! I have run Spy Sweeper, AdAware, Registry Mechanic, etc. Can someone tell me where I can find this file to download it?

    I contacted Spyware Doctor, but they have not answered my e-mail yet. Thanks

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    When you say Log On are you refering to starting a computer of a program?
    If so then there is a program somewhere in the start up process that cannot find that file.
    This may be the result of a corrupted application, a missing file or a command left after some software was removed.
    It is a runtime-library file used by applications made in Borland Delphi if this helps in identifying it.
    Your best bet is to check the startup folder and delete the offending entry as there is a good chance the actual program has been quarantined by you anti virus scanner.
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