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    Default paging file probs

    how do i increase my paging file when using my puter for online gaming as my puter freezes and displays a windows warning " virtual memory low windows is trying to increase your paging file " but it keeps happening how can i cure this fault. also when i shut down puter or try to select control panel that also freezes puter then drwatson debugger report ive sent it loads of times but this to does me head in

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    To change the page file size open the Control Panel and then double click the System icon. Once this new window has opened click on the Performance tab and then the Virtual Memory button. Here you can choose to specify your your page file size.

    The optimum page file size is around 1.5x your system RAM so this is 768 in your case. Try setting the upper and lower boundaries to this as then Windows does not have to constantly recalculate the page file size. Remember it is not always a good idea to just enter a huge page file size as it takes around 30x as long to access the page file as it does your RAM and the larger your page file, the more information will be stored here instead of the RAM, actually slowing your performance. If you get to 1024MB of page file size and still get the low virtual memory message I suggest you invest in some more RAM or clear out some of your running processes that are using up your RAM.

    Hope that helps, Dave.