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    Hai Friends,
    This message is for the information of all members of the forum.
    Two days back I became a victim of PHISHING. I have received a message, purported to have been sent by ZD Net, and lying in my junk folder. I receive a daily newsletter from them. ZD Net is in my approved list and the message should have been in my inbox. Instead, it is lying in my Junk folder. The first day I opened the message, in the junk folder itself and saw there is an attachment. The contents of the message is that my email address was used to send spam and some hundreds of letters have been originated from my email and my email address with them will be suspended and they asked me to open the attachement and confirm the contents. I did't open the attachment and deleted the message from the junk folder. Next day again the same message has arrived with the same contents. I deleted it. Next day again it arrived. Here I was worriedly and anxiously opened the message and attachment.
    Lo... nothing is there in the attachment. I closed the attachment and deleted the message. AVG is scheduled to scan my computer by 11.00PM and test result shown me - a virus is detected and the file is same file which is the attachment I received with ZD Net. I immediately jumped to Panda virus scan, but it has shown 4 files as infected, but did't do the disinfection. I again came back scanned the system with AVG and luckily it has shown two files as infected and deleted them. To confirm that there is no virus, I again ran the AVG and it has shown or given me a clean chit.
    This entire process, three scans, took me around two hours.
    I narrated this, to caution my friends and hopefully they will not do what I have done -- opening the attachment from unknowns.


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    Sorry to here about your "luck" I been there and done the same thing.


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    I'm glad you shared your story with other people who might be reading. A lessoned learned from experience is a valuable thing. Hopefully others can learn from your experience, vasista.