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    Default motherboard or cmos hates me!

    I just intalled two PIII 800mhz processors in my micro-star 694d pro dual processor motherboard. Jumper settings of intrest: [J1 {cumie or celeron} = cumie],
    [sw1 bus selector {auto or 66 or 100 or 133} = auto].
    if you still follow me.... every boot, she reads PIII 600e (100x6) ,2 cpu. even after entering cmos and changing the core/bus ratio mutipiler to 8 and saving!, next boot will always read PIII 600e (100x6) ,2cpu.
    the closest i've come to a fix is changing the bus selector (sw1) from auto to 133. on that set up, boot will give me a PIII 800eb (133x6) ,1cpu. only 1 cpu shows up with a bus of 133. the latter attempt is even more unstable then the first, both of which are soo unstable i can't get through the windows setup. The vendor assures the PIII 800's are a 100mhz bus, and i'm running the phonex- Award bios. some one help before i give up and let best buy massacre my baby!!!

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    My suggestion is to do a bench tests and see if there is a marked improvement in performance.
    If so then the the problem may be a simple identification problem or maybe that's is what Windows likes to call the dual setup.
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