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    Default disk diagnostics failed??

    The drive works as a F drive but still shows C: drive, Whenever I boot up the pc it say's disk diagnostics failed. I'm not for sure what the problem is, Any help would be appreciated.

    *Note* I have recently hooked up a scsi drive as the master and it is set to E: and I also have a IDE hard drive as a slave and it is set to F:.

    Here are the screenshot's that I have taken. I couldnt get the disk diagnostic failed screenshot. *Note* it makes me press F1 to continue when booting after it say's diagnostics failed*


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    I am at a loss here on what you have actually done.
    Some details on what you have in your system will help.
    How many drives have you installed?
    What sort of drives?
    What are you trying to achieve?
    What did you do. Did you do a fresh installation of windows or copied it across?
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