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    Default Wireless problems.

    My signal is HORRIBLY weak and I'm in the same house as my router...

    I have this wireless adapter
    and a linksys wireless router (can't find it on their site).

    The devices are in the same house, not far apart at all. I did it so I could get internet upstairs.

    Both computers run XP. I am connected to the internet through roadrunner.
    My g-pa's laptop gets an awesome signal from the router... Do I just have a crappy adapter?

    I feel so, computer ignorant.

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    Well from my own experiance here are a couple of points.

    Its better to use the same manufacturer for all your components, they just work better together. Also have you tried the laptop where the desktop is, the signal may have weakened too much due to walls etc in the way. If you are using wireless B its an old an fairly outdated standard, g has been here a while and n is on the way. Theres also a but thats not really an in your home system.

    You copuld try a booster type product, it recieves the signal then retransmits it back. Off the top of my head I can't think off too much else now, its midnight where I am, I'll reply again at some point over the weekend, unless of course you get (better) advice from other members.

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    I'm assuming the desktop wireless is a pci card with an antenna attached to the card. That configuration puts the antenna behind the computer, often up against the wall. You can get a directional antenna that comes with about 3 or 4 feet of wire. Replace the antenna on the card (assuming it screws off) with the directional antenna, get it out from behind the computer and point it toward the wireless router. The antenna should be under $20, I found mine at Fry's Electronics for $5 on sale. Charlie