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    Default CDRW/DVD Drive Not detected in Bios

    I'll start this off by admitting I'm stupid and begging your indulgence

    Running Window XP home on a Dell Inspirion 8600 for two years, no problems. I was using Internet explorer when it hung. Wouldn't respond to Cntrl-Alt-Delete, etc, so I hit the power button.

    Reboot... got error in config/sys, said put in Windows CD to repair
    I put in the CD, went to the repair function, couldn't figure it out and decided to to a re-install instead. (Yeah that was stupid)
    Midway through the re-install it told me there was a problem with the CD and quit. Now when I reboot it claims there's no optical drive. Even when I look at the setup (bios?) there's no optical drive listed in the boot order.

    Can I still save the photos and documents I had on my hard drive?
    How do I get my system to recognize the CD drive and re-install windows?

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    A complete reinstall would erase your harddrive, a repair installation doesn't. So depending on what you did and how far you got, they may already be gone. The best thing to do would be to take your hard drive out and hook it up as a slave drive in another computer and see what is on the drive. If you find your files, copy them to the other computer. If you don't find them let us know before you proceed, it might be possible to recover them. Charlie