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    Default loss of hard drive space & backup problems

    help please.
    I just brought this months edition of pcuser and there was a software program on disk called hard drive backup by paragon after loading the 30 day free trial I clicked onto the backup which it did but it also seemed to have made a unnamed partition taking over 14 gb of my hard drive,it was to me quite complicated so I deleted it through the add and remove,but i now find I have only 26 gb,s of hard drive left out of 40 gb is there any way of recovering the lost 14gb used by paragon which it now states the partition used has no name and is unchangable, I hope that I am making sense,is there any way to recover the used gb,s used by paragon or am I stuck with bying paragon software .
    All I wanted in the first place was to backup my computer,as I have been unable to by using ntbackup and nti software is there a simple way of just backing up my documents,outlook express email addresses & files,my pictures,& my music.
    At 70 years of age and just a leaner I am about to go nuts any help would be gratfully appreciated john. :twisted:

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    You need a program like Partition Magic that lets you change your hard drive partitions without losing any data. If you don't have it, try this link for a free trial download:

    You have 2 options. Format the 14 GB partiton as a seperate partition. That will make it usable, but it will have its own letter and will show as a seperate drive. Or, resize your existing partition (probably C) to use the unused space. Everything would then be in your C drive. It is a good idea to backup any important files before you make any changes. Charlie

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    Reinstall Paragon. You should be able to delete the backup partition with it.
    Paragon creates an image of a drive and saves that image to another drive.
    It can also do the same on CDs or DVDs during which a bootable CD\DVD is created.
    This is done so if your hard drive fails you can boot up using the image and copy it back to a new drive. Even then some software will have to be reinstalled.
    In your case it created a partion on your main drive to accomadate this image which in itself defeats the whole purpose.
    If you are more interested is saving your data, music and pictures then you can simply burn them all to CD's or DVD's. There are plenty of backup programs that automate this process. Don't get backup and image creation software confused.
    I suggest you invest in a second drive if you really want to go down the image saving track.
    Oh by the way the 30 day trial is not much help if something goes wrong after 30 days. You would be left with no choice but buy the software.
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