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    Default Picture folder &, please

    Hi. I'm so dissapointed. My babys pictures are in my picture folder.

    I have it on thumbnails so when I open the folder, I can view some of them.

    The problem is.......MOST of them are NOT viewable. It has the box presant but undernieth it, it says " Shortcut to(The name I gave the picture) " and when I doubleclick to open says..........the item babypic num one jpg that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved so this shortcut will no longer work properly.

    I dont know how this occured and I need these pictures! :cry:

    Please can anyone help??

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    What you can do is a search. Get the name of the picture (copy and paste it) to the search line (Start>Search>All Files and Folders). The original should show up, make a note of where it is. You can either cut it from the search and paste it in the file you want it in, or go to the address where it is (chances are the others will be there also) in that file you can highlight all the ones you want and either copy or cut and paste to your chosen file.