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    Default virus??

    I need help trying to remove a few things from my computer...I had a ton of problems with it and got alot of it taken care of already...I did disk cleanup, dedragmented and deleted cookies- all have which have never been done since I got the computer 4 years the computer has been going faster now but I can not use IE...some pop up comes up with the address that is as much as I wrote down.

    I was able to do a hijack this log but some of the items I could not find to removed and I am having someone try it again for me today when they come over. I also know to do the online scans but since I can barely get on IE I can't do them yet. Do you have any suggestions on how to get this problem solved? Also I have a SPySweeper trial program that pops up each time I start the computer up and it will not let me delete it in the program files or control panel...

    Thanks for your help!

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    I suggest you post your HJT log here. One of our experts will be able to lead you through the process. Deleting (fixing) with HJT is not a program to use unless you have experience with it and the processes involved.