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    Default flashing video card

    hey guys. i have a few video cards (9600xt's and 9700 pro's) that dont display picture. these are defectives that i recieved in shipments of cards over time that i used to sell. i'd send them back but i only have a couple, so its not worth it.

    my questions are: could it be a problem with the bios that could be solved by reflashing it? i theorized that i can reconnect to the built in video card on my pc, and flash the one in the agp slot. can this be done?

    the hardware appears to be ok, nothing broken or missing and the fans turn on, but there's no picture. actually, my monitor appears to not even recieve signal because it never clicks on. there is no activity similar to being disconnected from the pc. i know it isnt a compatibility issue because ive tested the same cards without a problem. these are "powered by ati" cards and im using xp. thanks!

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    All board can be repaired. What stops people for persuing that is the repair cost against the cheaper relplacement cost.
    If you knew someone with the appropriate equipment you may be able to track down the fault and repair it. Most of the time it is as simple as a broken link between components and a dab of solder fixes it.
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