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    Default removing profiles from application data

    Hi I am trying to reload a fresh copy of a browser that i use -opera.
    Trouble is that although i have uninstalled it the profile seems to hang around in the application data folder . Try as i might i cant delete this as my comp says another program is using it - but which ?. Incidnetyly i cant see the application data accept by using a seprate viewer called A34 - is this the program thats using the opera profile - in which case it would seem i have no way of deleteing the old opera stuff . You may ask why? its because i really need to start afresh because every time i download a new copy of the prog certain errors from the old one are caught up and the problems start all over.

    Perplexed 8O

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    The viewer is the one using it. The application data folder is a hidden folder. Instead of using the viewer, follow the directions in this link (assumimg you are running XP):

    That will let you view it without the viewer and should let you make changes. You should change back to hiding the folders when done. some files are hidden to prevent accidental changes to necessary files. Charlie